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If there were a law, half the gas stations in the District of Columbia would be out of business, but where would we go to get gas (“Grass ’n’ Go,” 1/21)? Given the tacky displays of anti-nutritional and smoking products that resemble drug paraphernalia at their worst, I can only imagine why many gas stations stock their shelves with some of the most unusual products.

Should we call such product strategies judgment calls, greed, or the need for cash? The jury is still out on this question. However, money is usually at the core of the decision-making process. Is the stuff for sale a great idea? I think not! I guess you can say that desperate needs engender desperate measures. Somehow, when it comes to running a gas station, money outweighs any possible health and safety concerns of patrons.

Those of us who have been in the District of Columbia since the early days can see the difference between the way gas stations were run back in the early ’70s and the post-9/11 era of today. Things just ain’t the same, and neither are the priorities of some business owners. I wouldn’t be surprised if household products, liquor, and furniture become the next products up for sale and next door to the pumps.