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I like Dante Ferrando and supported the opening of the Black Cat when I lived around the corner several years ago. But here’s a news flash for his staff, patrons, and bands: Parking your car in an alley is not only illegal in the District of Columbia, it’s just plain inconsiderate (“The Winching Hour,” 1/28).

A car illegally parked in an alley can pose an obvious public-safety or health danger, because police, fire, and other emergency vehicles may need to get through that alley quickly for any number of reasons. The scofflaws who leave their cars parked there also exhibit a disturbing lack of consideration for residents, who ought to be able to get in and out of their own garages and private parking spaces without a fight.

As for Youngin’s Towing and its allegedly “overzealous” tow trucks, I offer the following invitation: If they don’t like you over on 14th Street, by all means come on over here to my advisory neighborhood commission district in Adams Morgan. I promise that the pickin’s in the alleys off 18th Street on Friday and Saturday nights will be every bit as fine as those near the Black Cat.

I’ll even work on getting police Inspector Diane Groomes to understand that residents’ esteem for her officers goes down and frustration with her department goes up when people can’t get in or out of their own spaces and there’s no officer or tow truck in sight. Do the police have “more pressing issues” to deal with, as Inspector Groomes says? Of course they do. So the next time I get a call on a Saturday night from an angry constituent who can’t get into his or her own space because some jerk decided to block it, I’d like to be able to give the resident Groomes’ cell-phone number so she can explain that herself. How ’bout it, Inspector?

Adams Morgan