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Thank you for your article “Cross Purposes” (2/4). I also live in Ward 7, where my granddaughter attends Anne Beers Elementary School on Alabama Avenue SE. Children going to and departing from the school are endangered every day by drivers speeding and completely ignoring the “15 when flashing” school-zone sign. Many are talking, without hands-free devices, on cell phones. When I have done 15, I have had cars blow their horns at me or speed around me, into the oncoming traffic lane. I have seen women speeding along putting on makeup as they drive.

In addition to crossing guards, though, I believe that stronger enforcement in school zones is necessary. When I attended university in Reno, Nev., if a car was speeding in a school zone, the driver was shamed into slowing down by others flashing high beams, waving, and yelling to slow down. Such tactics, obviously, will not work here, so we need officers with radar guns to stop and ticket those arrogant drivers. Drivers who repeatedly receive tickets for speeding through school zones should have their licenses revoked to get the point across that we will not tolerate the selfish attitude of ignoring children going to and from school.