A few weeks ago, when a man walked into Holy Christian Missionary Baptist Church with approximately 40 guns, 6th District police Captain Brian Bray knew something wasn’t right. Bray was there to supervise the Deanwood church’s guns-for-cash swap, and with a $100-per-piece price, the police had already collected an assortment of high-powered handguns, sawed-off shotguns, and automatic assault weapons from local residents. But Bray says the man didn’t look like a local, and his arsenal didn’t look too lethal, either. “There was no way you could have fired those weapons. They were rusted, had firing pins missing,” he says. Bray suspects an out-of-town gun dealer might have used the man to offload junk guns. The fellow didn’t walk immediately away with a stack of Benjamins, though: The church didn’t have sufficient funds to pay for the stockpile and had to issue the man a voucher. “He acted real strange when they told him that, but he’d already turned the guns in,” Bray says.—Jeff Horwitz