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Incident No. 647


Amidon Elementary School

401 I St. SW

Nov. 18, 2004, 9:14 a.m.

Two Jefferson Junior High students, one of whom is also a former Amidon student entered the aftercare program. One of them informed the Coordinator that she was a student’s aunt. The coordinator notified the student’s mother. The student’s mother informed the coordinator that the student does not have an aunt. The coordinator instructed the Suspects to leave. [The mother] then responded to the school and met the Suspects outside of the school. One of the suspects threatened to kick both the student’s and her mother’s a*s and used profanity toward the complainants. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was notified and responded. MPD completed a report.

Incident No. 791

Possession of Drugs

Anacostia Senior High School

1601 16th St. SE

Dec. 8, 2004, 10:31 a.m.

During a routine search, a security [guard] discovered 6 bags of what appeared to be Marijuana inside of a student’s pants pocket. The guard physically removed the bags from the student’s pant pocket. The school-assigned MPD was then notified. The MPD officer could not place the student under arrest due to illegal search and seizure. The MPD officer completed a report. The guard turned the 6 bags of what appeared to be Marijuana over to the MPD officer. Parent notified. Administrative action is pending.

Incident No. 760


Backus Middle School

5171 South Dakota Ave. NE

Dec. 2, 2004, 12:12 p.m.

A teacher was substituting a class. A special education student wasn’t supposed to be in the teacher’s classroom. The student began agitating another student in the classroom. A security [guard] was notified [and] responded to remove the student. The student assumed that the teacher was getting in his face. The student stated to the teacher “get out of my face before I knock your b*tch a** out.” The student continued to make the statement to the teacher. School-assigned MPD was informed, no report taken. Parent notified. The student received a 2 day suspension.

*Minor edits have been made for clarity.