“It’s All in Black and White,” by Erik Wemple and Jeff Horwitz (Dept. of Media, 2/11), reads simply like a pissed-off rant. It’s obvious that these two writers and the publishers of the Washington City Paper aren’t too happy about the area’s newest media outlet, the Examiner.

I myself have always read the online edition of the City Paper for insight and interest into the capital city that is responsible for our region’s bustle, but I find the remarks of the two writers listed above offensive. I am white, poor to middle-class, and I indeed make my home in Prince William County. Language like that printed in the article would seem to isolate people that read your product and don’t live within the city’s limits, such as myself, and I assure you in this case it has.

In addition, I have compared your paper’s Web site with the Examiner’s, and it doesn’t even look as if the City Paper is trying to compete—or possesses the resources to even attempt it.

So go on. Keep writing, selling advertising, attacking new business, isolating readers, and posting whatever you decide to post on your Web site. I won’t be reading it.

Woodbridge, Va.