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A mere 418 years after his death, Henry VIII again reigned o’er England. At least, he reigned o’er the airwaves. Though Herman’s Hermits’ pop hit “I’m Henry the VIII, I Am” was not technically about Hank, the tune gained credibility from the public’s knowledge of the actual king’s six trips to the altar (of which two ended in divorce, two in execution). These marriages included two Annes, a trio of Catherine/Kathryn/Katherines, and that hot medicine woman from TV. (Wait, no, that’s another Jane Seymour.) It’s sad that one of the more important British monarchs could be reduced to one verse (Second verse, same as the first!) of a teenybopper song. After all, 8’s insatiable desire for a male heir led directly to the English Reformation, which led to, among many other things, more pronounced religious differences in the U.K., which today manifest as “the troubles” in Northern Ireland. William and Mary professor Dale Hoak seeks to remedy our ignorance with an illustrated, two-day seminar on V-to-the-Three’s life and times. The program begins at 6:30 p.m. at the S. Dillon Ripley Center’s Lecture Hall, 1100 Jefferson Drive SW. $140. (202) 357-3030. (Dave Nuttycombe)