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Borf, the presumed District resident whose nom de spray can and colorful designs brand walls all over Northwest, is good at evading capture, though his or her detractors can’t boast the same. On Feb. 27, two 3rd District officers apprehended Andrew Westbury for allegedly penning an insult to Borf on the back of a P Street NW sign. “He wrote ‘Borf is a,’ and that was as far as he got,” notes Lt. Michael Smith, the officers’ supervisor. Westbury, whom Smith described as “a yuppie type” with “no criminal record,” spent the evening in jail. Meanwhile, Borf—whoever he or she may be—continues replicating a two-dimensional army of mischievous kids, anti-Bush robots, and flag-raising pirates. One print on the Key Bridge is captioned “Borf is winning.” Says Smith, “Borf needs to go to jail, too.” —Jeff Horwitz