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Kudos to Amy Longsworth for “Who’ll Stop the Drain” (3/4). It was an entertaining and well-written explanation, in a get-to-the-roots-of-the-matter style. Who ever thought our sewer needs, as great as they are, could be addressed in such a compelling manner?

I have three suggestions: Let’s get the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority to reprint the article and send it out in place of the agency’s turgid, we-don’t-really-expect-you-to-read-this brochures on the overflow problems. Let’s get D.C., Montgomery County, Fairfax County, Loudoun, and the rest to put their property-tax windfalls to good use and start building those overflow-storage tanks. (Don’t wait for the feds—they’ve got to take care of us baby boomers, democratize the world, and build a missile shield without Canada’s help.) And give us the number of Longsworth’s plumber.

Chevy Chase, D.C.