This letter is in response to the one sent in by Harry Travis (The Mail, 3/4). Travis takes offense at two recurring features in your paper: Hall Monitor and Savage Love. He seems to think that Hall Monitor is racially imbalanced because it focuses solely on D.C. public schools and black students. In the course of his letter, he takes aim at white people for submitting sexual stories to Savage Love, implying that neither section should be published for lack of validity. Travis has assumed that all or most of these submissions are made by white people, and says so in his letter.

Travis is a hypocrite. He has done the same sort of thing he faults the Washington City Paper for doing and what he thinks your white readers are doing: assuming that all Hall Monitor stories are about black students. Furthermore, he also writes that this assumption is for the most part correct! Don’t worry, City Paper. I think Travis’ issues are with white people, not your publication. When reading his letter, I am reminded of the racial tensions between whites and blacks in this area. Too bad!