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Incident No. 950

Corporal Punishment

Merritt Elementary School

5002 Hayes St. NE

Jan. 6, 2005, 12:48 p.m.

A security guard was monitoring the halls when she observed 3 students in the hallway. She asked why they were there and the students replied that they got put out of class by a teacher. The teacher stepped into the hallway and asked the security guard to escort the students to the office because they were being disruptive. The guard asked the teacher to write it up. An administrative officer arrived on the scene and asked what was going on. The teacher was very angry and stated that they never listen, he’s tired of the students, and his blood pressure is getting high. The guard and the administrative official asked the teacher to calm down. The teacher said he asked a student to spit her gum out and that she refused. The student said he shouldn’t have called her “stupid.” The teacher replied, “yes I called you stupid, I’ll call you stupid again, as a matter of fact bring your mother up here, I’ll call you stupid again.” The administrative officer instructed the security guard to write the incident up. MPD was notified and responded. No report taken. A Watkins Investigator will be assigned to the case.

Incident No. 999

Attempted Suicide

Terrell Elementary School

3301 Wheeler Road SE

Jan. 11, 2005, 3:27 p.m.

A teacher reported to the Principal that a special-education student was in the classroom throwing chairs and furniture around. The teacher asked the student to stop. The student said his mother took him off his meds. The teacher told the student to calm down and sit down. The teacher said when she looked around she observed the student with his belt around his neck pulling on it. The student’s face was turning red. The teacher instructed the student to stop. The teacher went to the classroom next door to ask what to do when a child does something like that. The teacher was instructed to notify the Director of Special Education Students. The director was notified, responded and escorted the student to the office. The student’s parent was notified. MPD was notified and responded. No report taken. EMS #3, engine #33 and medic #27 responded to the school. The student was transported to Riverside Hospital by MPD for an evaluation.

Incident No. 1182

Suspected Drug Use or Intoxication

Oyster Elementary School

2801 Calvert St. NW

Feb. 4, 2005, 11:01 a.m.

The principal reported to security that a parent entered the building intoxicated, trying to pick up her kids. The principal asked security to call MPD. MPD responded and transported the parent to George Washington Hospital. The parent’s sister was notified and responded to pick up her kids.

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