From a male perspective, it’s a fact of life: Moms are crazy. Whether the emotional outbursts and constant girlfriend-disapproval (“She’s not good enough for you! No one is!”) are the results of the rigorous demands placed on modern mothers or of the mysterious biological impulses that take place once a lady pops one out remains in question. But, if Silvio Narizzano’s 1965 camp thriller Die! Die! My Darling! is any indication, it’s a condition that has plagued womankind for decades: When poor Pat Carroll visits her dead fiancé’s mother (played by Tallulah Bankhead) for a little comfort, what she finds is a nutjob hellbent on scaring the bejeezus out of her almost-daughter-in-law—whom she blames for her son’s death. Raging synapses? Overacting? Bring your mom when the film screens at 7 p.m. at the Library of Congress’ Mary Pickford Theater, 101 Independence Ave. SE. Free. (202) 707-5677. (Matthew Borlik)