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For it was written: “And a cartoonist shall lead them.” Leviticus, I believe. Or maybe First Rosicrucians. The Book of Manilow, perhaps? I get confused. And frankly, I wasn’t paying attention. These are confusing times. Confounding, even, for anyone who really is paying attention. All a thinking person can do is laugh to keep from crying. But as the steadfast cartoonists of the Laugh While You Can Tour 2005 teach us, we’ll soon be crying to keep from vomiting. Indeed, artists Tom Hart, Tim Kreider (whose work is pictured), and Jen Sorensen (responsible for the comic strips Hutch Owen, The Pain—When Will It End?, and Slowpoke, respectively), present insightfully bleak outlooks, but the pictures and words are so hysterical as to nearly give one hope. Hart nimbly reworks Allen Ginsberg’s Howl into an ode to “[t]he best CEOs of my generation.” Kreider manages to mingle Kliban and Larsen into an aggressive yet au courant style. His “High School Yearbook Photos of Famous Dictators” makes Augusto Pinochet look like the creepy dude from shop class, which somehow seems just right. Sorensen’s images are cuddly from a distance, but so are giant pandas until they grab you and crush your head to bits. This holy trinity of outrage and attitude will present an illustrated tour of its work and discuss the madness that necessitated it. Pay attention when Kreider, Sorensen, and Hart speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, at the Warehouse Theater & Cafe, 1021 7th St. NW. Free. (202) 638-7610. (Dave Nuttycombe)