When it comes to Easter night, entertainment can be pretty thin on the ground. You can always rent Jesus snuff flick The Passion of the Christ—that is, if you’re not averse to gruesome, anti-Semitic cross pumping. Or you can take the kids for a nighttime egg hunt, if you’re not averse to mugging—or, even worse, kids. Or there’s always the ungodly alternative: Heading to the Wonderland Bar and Grill for a multimedia art party, organized by the HOLIDAY collective, which involves no roods, robbery, or rugrats. And if the words “multimedia art party” summon up images every bit as unpleasant as scourging and crucifixion, be assured: Though there will be your usual Exploding Plastic Inevitable of video installations and live music, loathers of the happening will also have the option of having their fortunes told or participating in an egg hunt. Finally, a chance to trip the competition without having to worry about anybody’s parents calling the cops! Jesus loves you at 9 p.m. at the Wonderland Bar and Grill, 1111 Kenyon St. NW. Free. (202) 232-5623. (Michael Little)