73 Florida Ave. NW

Listed sale price: $359,000

Previous sale price: $64,563 (March 1988)

Square footage: 1,106

This turn-of-the-century three-bedroom Eckington row house is chock-full of such “Victorian Charm” as high ceilings and fancy brickwork. It also comes with an investor-friendly price tag and a fix-it list that would make any contractor salivate: The cracked walls need spackling, the chipped paint needs scraping, the drill dust needs sweeping, the naked wiring needs re-covering, and the stained carpet needs tearing out. Just steps from the Metro, this house also features parking in the rear, perfect for repair-company vehicles of all stripes. Sold “as is,” which includes the tag “Nemo” spray-painted on the house’s side. —Constantine Caloudas