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Contrary to playground lore, having a second toe that is longer than your big toe does not mean that you are “retarded.” Sure, it’s no fun to throw on a pair of sandals and have that elongated digit drag on the ground as its four siblings rest comfortably on a bed of leather, but it’s no sign of mental deficiency, either. This is a common disorder known as “Morton’s Toe” that can cause uncomfortable foot pressure but is easily treated. Such myth-dispelling podiatric knowledge will be dispensed freely at the National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Foot Health Awareness Month event. Two podiatrists will be on hand to examine feet, so bring your black toenails, bunions, bunionettes, and cases of athlete’s foot that no jar of Blue Star Ointment can tame. But don’t waste their time with questions about your slow-growing pinky toenail—that malady requires a pedicurist, and the cure comes in the form of an itsy bitsy Lee Press-On Nail. The fun(gus) starts at 11 a.m. at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, 6900 Georgia Ave. NW. Free. (202) 782-2200. (Sarah Godfrey)