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To residents of Eastland Gardens, vandalized cars bereft of their tags seem just as common as the potholes littering neighborhood streets. Still, the latest automotive carcass has even longtime neighbors holding out for a tow truck: About a month ago, a full-size yellow school bus, overflowing with used car tires, was dumped on the eastern side of Kenilworth Avenue NE. It still rests on the shoulder as of April 5, with smashed windows throughout, a couple of empty Michelob bottles straddling the dash, and a $25 parking fine on the windshield. “Every time I pass it, I imagine a gallon of gas, a match, then huge billows of black smoke,” Joe Lapp, a neighbor who’s complained to the city hotline, writes in an e-mail. Department of Public Works spokesperson Mary Myers acknowledges a likely delay in removing such a vehicle, saying it will require both an oversize crane and a decent cleaning job: “If it’s full of [tires], that would probably have to be emptied out first.”

—Dave Jamieson