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Incident No. 1218

Damage to Property (Government)

Turner Elementary School

3264 Stanton Road SE

Feb. 16, 2005, 1:35 p.m.

A special education student was upset because his classmates allegedly lied on him. So he got up out of his seat and slammed the door real hard against the wall, causing the glass to crack. The student was suspended for 2 days.

Incident No. 1221

Miscellaneous Complaint

Wilkinson Elementary School

2330 Pomeroy Road SE

Feb. 9, 2005, 5:15 p.m.

A male administrator reported to security that he was given a computer that had the following improper language on it: “G & E’s house of sin, F**k me copy.” School-assigned Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer informed. No report taken.

Incident No. 1249


Ballou Senior High School

3401 4th St. SE

Feb. 11, 2005, 11 a.m.

The business manager stated that when she arrived to work a special education teacher was parked in her assigned space on the north parking lot. The business manager stated that she called the special education teacher via the intercom and asked her to move her vehicle at which time the teacher told the business manager that she was teaching a class and could not move the vehicle, but she would move it at the next period and only then. The business manager suggested that the teacher send her keys and someone would move it for her. The teacher replied, “I’ll move it when I am ready and don’t be calling me no more.” At approximately 1100 hours, after the end of the period the teacher walked into the business manager’s office and stated “I am going to say this and there is no discussion after this.” The business manager told the teacher that you can’t say that because I will have a response. The teacher then proceeded to call the business manager names such as “yellow b*tch” [and] “wide a** b*tch.” The teacher stated that “I better not ever tell her to do anything again” as she pointed her finger in the business manager’s face. The business manager stated she separated herself by moving between a desk and the teacher, since the teacher was so confrontational….[F]rom her past behavior, the business manager felt threatened….The teacher stated to the business manager that she would “whoop her a**, and would ram her motherf**king car because she is not a child to be told what to do.” The business manager asked the teacher to leave. The teacher continued to be belligerent and she left still calling the business manager “yellow b*tches.” MPD not notified.

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