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District artist Christopher Goodwin thought his idea of printing T-shirts reading “Dear Tom DeLay, Please commit suicide. Sincerely, Everyone” was clever. But a week after making the shirts available through an online printer, he was the only person to have bought one. After receiving a complaint that the shirt was in poor taste, Goodwin decided to take it off the market. But before he could remove the shirt, Goodwin says, “I got Drudged.” Under the headline “Liberals Sell ‘DeLay Suicide T-shirt,’” the Drudge Report exposed Goodwin’s shirt—and links that led to his e-mail address—to an audience of several million on April 11. The resulting torrent of messages such as “How about you kill yourself!!!” and “Your Art Sucks” left Goodwin feeling “pretty demoralized,” he says. “I’m not sure I entirely subscribe to the theory that all publicity is good publicity.” But notoriety has its advantages: Before he yanked the shirts, six sold in under an hour. “I made 30 bucks,” Goodwin says.

—Jeff Horwitz