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Pity the fat kids. Pity, too, their parents. With so much societal pressure to keep Junior at an acceptable weight—that is if Junior him- or herself doesn’t sucker under and start sticking the ol’ finger down the throat—it seems more likely than ever that Ma and Pa will, like some folks I know, plop their young’uns down on a scale every night before bed. Of course, this whole body-conscious mess must be a boon to fat camps, those plot devices that, according to B-grade, late-’80s comedies, torture corpulent youngsters by denying the most basic of gorging rights. As if this situation weren’t bad enough, the Sun & Moon Yoga Studio is hosting a “Salute the Sun Yoga Marathon for Kids’ Health.” Proceeds go to Louie’s Kids (rather aggressive motto: “Fighting Obesity One Child at a Time”), an organization that offers “scholarships for children to attend one [of] America’s premier summer camps specializing in weight loss and behavior modification for children.” Everyone’s a winner! Let the perfect summer begin at 12:30 p.m. at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, 3811 Lee Highway, Arlington. Free to observe; sponsorship required to participate. Call (703) 525-9642 for more information. (Mike Kanin)