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A man born of humble moniker—Peter Robert Phillips—pleaded two years ago in D.C. Superior Court for a real Christian name: Jesus Christ. “According to the New Testament of the Bible,” Phillips argued to Judge Tim Murphy, “anyone using the name of Jesus Christ should be allowed to do so.” Murphy, after leafing through the Bible, disagreed. Besides the lack of scriptural support, he ruled, the change could offend people and incite violence. This was an inconvenience to Phillips, who earlier had procured a D.C. driver’s license bearing Christ’s name. But on April 7, the D.C. Court of Appeals dismissed Murphy’s decision on a technicality—clearing the way for a second coming. “I think a total of nine people in the U.S….have that name already,” says Phillips, a bus driver for the developmentally disabled, “so there’s more or less a precedent there.” —John Metcalfe