Incident No. 756

Theft of Personal Property

Gage-Eckington Elementary School

2025 3rd St. NW

Nov. 10, 2004, 3:33 p.m.

A teacher walked into her classroom and discovered another teacher entering her purse. She asked, “Why do you have my purse?” The second teacher replied, “The way I picked it up, it unzipped.” She then placed the purse down and departed the school. The first teacher informed the principal of the incident. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was notified and responded on Dec. 2, 2004. MPD did not complete a report. The first teacher stated that an unspecified amount of money was missing from her purse. Administrative action is pending at this time.

Incident No. 1171

Corporal Punishment

Birney Elementary School

2501 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE

Feb. 2, 2005, 3:15 p.m.

A teacher accused a student of stealing another student’s desk. A security guard responded to the classroom to search for the desk. The teacher then grabbed the accused student by the coat and threw him across the floor. The security guard witnessed the incident. The student did not sustain injury. The school-assigned MPD officer did not complete a report. A Watkins Investigator will be assigned to the case. Administrative action is pending.

Incident No. 1204

Theft of Government Property

Kelly Miller Junior High School

217 49th St. NE

Date and time of incident are unlisted

On Feb. 7, 2005, a male teacher reported to security that a school issued white Apple Ibook Lap Top Computer, bar code # 85328, was missing from classroom # 3322. On Feb. 3, 2005, the teacher brought a white lap top to school and stated it was his personal computer, and gave it to another teacher to program. The lap top was missing the bar code label. The first teacher stated he last seen the lap top on Dec. 23, 2004. It is suspected that he is possibly on drugs. The teacher has been seen on several occasions walking to the Lincoln Heights area which is a drug area. MPD not notified.

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—Mike Kanin