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Having read “Truth crushed to the earth will rise!” (4/29), I can say that any father would do the same as Ricardo McKeython, but a child is dead. As that child’s mother said, he can still see his children. Accidents do happen, for sure, but in a country where guns are commonplace and easy to get hold of, what do you expect?

I am British. I do not stand in judgment, but in the U.K. we do not have easy access to guns—never have. We do, however, have the next best thing if you like knives—which are becoming the guns of the United Kingdom.

For the father I feel sad. For the mother I also feel sad. And I feel even sadder for the dead child.

The father has to live with the fact that his sons did what they did, irrespective of the outcome. Nobody forced them to premeditate murder—and they really did that.

You could also say they were bad shots. Whom do you blame it on, then—the gun maker, the father, for not showing them how to fire straight…? It goes on and on: sad, very sad.

Conwy, Wales