Do not watch basketball with me. I try to behave. I resist the temptation to root for the cuter team. I minimize comments about Eddie Jordan’s obvious pact with the Dark Prince on account of his devilishly handsome looks. And I swallow my advice that black shoes never go with white polyester. But I cannot seem to suppress giggles each time the announcer mentions a “loose-ball foul.” Citydance Ensemble shares my grammar-school appreciation for the entertainment value of the ball. “Bounce and Other Dances” features the troupe’s dancers locked in an intricate routine with, well, giant rubber balls. Ludovic Jolivet’s multimedia composition Within stages a single dancer against a filmed backdrop of a tutu-clad gentleman strolling down Connecticut Avenue. Now, I spent some time with a Dupont address, and we didn’t call that art, Ludovic; we called it Monday. Get ready for some balls-out modern dance when Citydance Ensemble performs at 7:30 p.m. in the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater. $35–$55. (202) 467-4600. (Kara McPhillips)