3142 19th St. NW

Listed sale price: $939,000

Previous sale price: $245,000 (Feb. 2002—family transaction)

Square footage: 3,250

This Mount Pleasant Wardman-style residence is on the market because the owner prefers his homes in Bangkok, Thailand, and Santa Fe, N.M. In the meantime, he’s been using the space as a gallery for his Buddhist and tribal art. This four-bedroom home features a tastefully done rear addition that doesn’t clash with such original features as the oak floors with cherry inlay and a purple-and-green-titled bathroom. Never mind the neighborhood’s crime stats, including the 64 burglaries in 2004—the house is the “largest on a safe, clean and quiet tree-lined street.” Other gentrifier-friendly features include what the promo calls “great professional neighbors.” The owner describes these folks as “think tank employees, government workers and professors.”

—Constantine Caloudas