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Winter storms may not have brought much snow to D.C. this winter, but to one Cleveland Park street, they brought historic amounts of salt. After District de-icing trucks passed down 34th Street, says 3100 block resident Mary Jane Glass, “there would be piles of rock salt, sometimes 4 inches deep.” The District’s sowing of salt took its toll—several feet of brown turf interspersed with sodium deposits now skirt the street. And the grass may not be the only vegetative victim. Already, Glass says, neighborhood saplings have begun to die a salty death. District Department of Transportation spokesperson Bill Rice says he’ll look into whether a department truck went heavy on the salt. “We’ll keep this in mind as we train people for next year,” he says. Glass hopes the department fixes the salt problem before the next time snow falls. “After another year of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if every tree on the street was dead,” she says.

—Jeff Horwitz