The D.C. police department’s 7th District is “recruiting young ladies with style and young gentlemen with class” for its first-ever talent show, on Aug. 19. But in defiance of talent-show tradition, no winners will be selected. Officer Tamika Hampton, who is organizing the show, says she wants to end “beef,” and choosing a winner would be contradictory to the talent show’s aim of improving relations between cops and kids. “When you get to the end of the beef, they’ll say, ‘I don’t think she should’ve won.’ Automatically they would blame it on the police department. That wouldn’t be crime prevention.” The aspiring “models, singers, dancers, rappers, poets, comedians and more” will receive trophies and certificates instead. Participant Joseph Clark likes the idea that no one will be singled out as the victor. “It’ll be more fair,” says the 10-year-old model/rapper.

—Constantine Caloudas