Capital Segway of Georgetown has teamed up with the D.C. police department to bring its self-balancing “people movers” to the force. Last week, dealer Rep Burks gave two Segways each to the 2nd and 3rd Districts for “a study period,” but he’s confident the program will go city-wide. Third District Commander Larry McCoy says the new Segways have been great for improving community relations. “[It’s] almost like a horse. It’s a magnet for people to come and talk to you and touch the horse,” he says. The vehicle is a perfect fit for the police, says Burks, because of its 7-inch height boost, its rain- and snowproof agility, and the low likelihood that perps can outrun the gadget’s top speed of 12 miles per hour. McCoy says the police will take full advantage of the machines’ quietness, too. “I’ve personally snuck up behind [other] officers with them,” he says. —Constantine Caloudas