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Not all World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) division presidents are as disillusioned or bitter as Carter Rabasa (Cheap Seats, “Kickball Wars,” 5/13). I have been a board member for three seasons and am president of the D.C. Monument Division this season. Sure, I have to put in a lot of time that I don’t get paid for, but most of us do it because we enjoy it, and the rewards we get from playing in this league are well worth the $60 registration fee.

Your article makes WAKA look like an evil empire and the founders greedy. I work closely with these guys, and they have been very helpful to me running our division, and we have never had any of the problems that your article alludes to.

The fact is, people will keep playing in WAKA because they enjoy the sport and the social opportunities. I wish DCKickball luck, though the group will not be getting my business.

Your article also talked down about a bunch of grown-ups who play a kids’ game. I once thought it was a silly idea as well, but until you have tried it you can’t appreciate the joys of kickball. I take my bases and big red ball when I travel, and everyone I have introduced the game to has had an absolute blast.

You know, in the fast-paced world we live in, where time is money and the almighty dollar is the bottom line, we all should take the time to be kids again.

Falls Church, Va.