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Over the eight-year period cited by Huan Hsu (“More Than a Feline,” 5/27) during which the D.C. Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners was not meeting, veterinarians at Friendship Hospital for Animals were called upon to provide pet health care on more than 405,000 different occasions. Five of those occasions resulted in complaints by pet owners that they deemed serious enough to refer to the board. In other words, .0012 percent of the cases seen at Friendship resulted in a filed complaint—not an action or even an investigation, but a complaint.

While we would very much like to have had no complaints filed, and we strive to achieve this goal, I am very proud of the care by all 114 health-care-team members at Friendship and their record of providing quality care 24 hours a day for the past 25 years. I suspect that there are many human-health-care facilities that would be happy to have a record of only one complaint out of every 81,000 cases seen. That Hsu finds Friendship “prolific in racking up complaints” demonstrates either a serious lack of understanding of these numbers, of which he was made aware prior to writing the article, or an agenda that he and the Washington City Paper would prefer to proffer.


Friendship Hospital for Animals