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What happens to the objects of an anthropological gaze deferred? Do they dry up like raisins in the sun? Or do they don trucker hats, bare their man-boobs, and squint blankly out into the suburban wilderness? Definitely the latter, at least as far as Yale MFA candidate Craig Doty’s exhibition of photographs is concerned. The show’s curator says that Doty “shows the dark urbanity of suburban teenage mischief and the rebellious rituals of masculinity, offering a microscope through which East Coast intellectuals may be able to study the culture of Middle America.” But few of the specimens pictured here will look you in the eye. In Ryan, possibly the most disturbing photograph of the bunch, crude felt-tip-penned eyes have been drawn on some poor wanker’s closed eyelids alongside such phrases as “I lick penis” and “I heart goats.” In Paul and Ruba, Paul’s head is buried in the grass as some fishnetted legs do their best to stalk the background. It would also appear that the youth of Middle America conduct milk-chugging contests that turn into vomit fests. Yup—lots and lots of homoerotic milk-chugging. If you didn’t know already, that’s what’s the matter with Kansas. The show is on view by appointment (to June 25; see City List for other gallery hours) at Strand on Volta, 1531 33rd St. NW. Free. (202) 333-4663.