I don’t believe this. A misspelling is attributed to “a transcription error by Staff Writer Sarah Godfrey” (Correction, 6/10)? What kind of an operation is His Highness Erik Wemple running over there? Does the entire Washington, D.C., area need to know who fucked up? When the Washington Post screws up, I don’t see the specific person singled out; that should be an internal issue—all the more so given that ultimately the boss is responsible for everything that happens under his or her watch. Not Wemple, apparently: He’s figured out that the buck stops a helluva lot lower down. Such courage warms the heart.

I don’t know Godfrey or, for that matter, anyone else working over there, but all I can say is: There are better ways to handle corrections, there are better ways to handle performance management, and there sure as fuck are better ways of building staff engagement.

(Whoever at the paper is reading this: I am truly sorry you have to work with such a vindictive piece of chickenshit.)

Dupont Circle