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Dan Savage (6/10) misses the point when he advises the Master’s Girlfriend to acquiesce to her alpha-male boyfriend’s homosexual housekeeper as long as the boyfriend has his housekeeper clean the girlfriend’s apartment, too. Savage fails to fully fathom the foreboding forces facing heterosexual alpha males in the love arena nowadays.

Ironically, the “foot-fetish” men mentioned in the same column may well be better positioned to find attractive, intelligent women than alpha males, simply because most quality women nowadays like to have “men who are mostly submissive.” Surely, as soon as such women catch on, foot-fetish parties will in the not too distant future sprout up everywhere until they become a regular part of the love scene. There is no shortage of “Yes, dear” and “Honey, do” quality men at large in the land to match with women looking for that kind of man. I have witnessed such men all but ball up in the fetal position when their wives are on the other end of the telephone.

Other than evangelical churches, mosques, and foreign lands, there aren’t many places an alpha male who is not about to be submissive can hope to find attractive,

intelligent women. (I know one non-Hispanic who had to move to Mexico to find a suitable wife!)

What both the Master’s Girlfriend and Savage do not grasp is that the hidden message in the boyfriend’s maintaining a gay “house slave” to clean his apartment, dishes, and laundry is that he expects a future wife to be willing to do the same, as in the dark ages of traditional marriage.