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Incident No. 1366

Improper Conduct

Bunker Hill Elementary School

1401 Michigan Ave. NE

March 1, 2005

Four female students informed security that a male substitute teacher sat closely to them in the classroom, which made them feel uncomfortable. The Complainants then informed security that they were inside of the restroom when the teacher peeped into the restroom. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was not notified. Administrative action is pending. An investigation is requested.

Incident No. 1855


Coolidge Senior High School

6315 5th St. NW

April 29, 2005, 2:04 p.m.

A male student was in room #307 when he threw a chair out of the classroom. The student then used profanity toward the teacher. The teacher instructed the student to move along. Another teacher intervened and instructed the student to move along. The student instructed the second teacher to mind her business. The student then jumped into the second teacher’s face. Security intervened and moved the student away from the second teacher. The student then stated to the second teacher, “If I get suspended, I’ll f**k you up and make the suspension mean something.” Security escorted the student to the main office. MPD was notified and responded. MPD did not complete a report. Administrative action is pending.

Incident No. 1942

Corporal Punishment

Prospect Elementary School

2600 Douglass Place SE

May 10, 2005, 2:03 p.m.

The mother of a special-education student reported to the principal that her son came home and told her that a female teacher’s aide grabbed him by the left arm and stated, “I’ll stick a pencil up your a**.” The student had no visible markings on him. MPD was notified and responded. No report taken. A Watkins Investigator will be assigned to the case.

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