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Incident No. 1554

Improper Conduct

Bell Multicultural Senior High School

3145 Hiatt Place NW

April 5, 2005, 3:15 p.m.

A male student entered a male teacher’s classroom angry and began ignoring the teacher. The teacher continued to question the student without response. The student was also angry because another student made a comment pertaining to his mustache. The teacher also commented on the student’s mustache. The teacher then said to the student in front of the entire class, “Don’t think because you are in boxing classes we can’t beat the sh*t out of each other.” The teacher then asked, “Do you want me to call security?” An investigation is requested. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) notified. MPD did not complete a report. The student’s brother later stated that he was angry because [he] and his mother had been fighting the previous night. Administrative action is pending.

Incident No. 1969

Corporal Punishment

Simon Elementary School

401 Mississippi Ave. SE

May 12, 2005, 1:15 p.m.

The mother of a student reported to the principal that her son came home and told her that a teacher punched him in the chest. The student had no injuries to report. MPD was notified and responded. A conference was held today. The teacher stated that the students were on the playground and acting like they were 50 Cent (the rapper) and his crew. The teacher said the student hit her arm before running off with the other students. The students came back. The student struck the teacher again on the arm. The teacher said she swung her arms back to block the student. The teacher said she struck the student in the chest, but didn’t punch him in the chest. MPD stated the incident should be classified as a miscellaneous complaint. A Watkins investigator will be assigned to the case.

Incident No. 2050

Improper Conduct

Nalle Elementary School

219 50th St. SE

May 23, 2005, 10:12 a.m.

In classroom #104, a teacher moved that table away from a student and discovered the student inserting a pencil into her private part. The teacher stated that the student usually masturbates in the classroom. Administrative action is pending.