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Adrian Fenty prides himself on having his fingers on the pulse of his constituency’s needs—and on his BlackBerry. Along with crime-stat czar and champion attender of neighborhood meetings, the Ward 4 councilmember and mayoral candidate can now add another title to his ever-expanding résumé: man’s best friend’s best friend. Fenty was called to action on June 29 when Shepherd Park resident Debbi Jarvis e-mailed him regarding her German Shepherd, Nemo, who had run away. Eight minutes later, Fenty forwarded the e-mail to the Shepherd Park Internet group via his BlackBerry. Fenty, who does not have a dog, says he usually passes over non-D.C.-government-related posts but says, “if someone asks me to [post], I will.” At press time, Nemo had still not been located. But Jarvis says she is satisfied with Fenty’s quick action: “How can you not like a response like that? It was immediate….Adrian, I reached out to him, and he was there.” —Constantine Caloudas