There’s still time to nominate local icons for Best of D.C.

I could not be more horrified by “The Sins of the Fatherland” (6/24), by Michael Little. Little leads off by blithely stating that “Since 9/11, plenty of people have drawn parallels between the United States under the Bush administration and Hitler’s Germany.” What? Does anyone really draw those parallels, or is it just Little?

For those easily confused by the facts, the most obvious difference, of course, is that Hitler’s Germany systematically slaughtered 10 million innocent civilians and the Bush administration has slaughtered, well, none. Here in the United States, the government cannot even search your home without probable cause, much less drag you out of it to be tortured and murdered.

In a pathetic attempt to assuage her guilt for having parents who were Nazis, Irmgard A. Hunt says that “images of patriotism—unquestioned patriotism—have remained very toxic to me.” I find it highly ironic that if it were up to Hunt’s Nazi parents and their power-hungry leader, the freedom of speech she now enjoys would no longer exist anywhere in the world. We all know what would have happened to Hunt if she had questioned Hitler the way she questioned the Bush administration in last week’s Washington City Paper.

As our nation celebrates its birthday, Hunt and her ilk would be well-served to remember what the Stars and Stripes represents: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Glover Park