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Looking for a lavish condo but don’t want to feel like a sellout? Try the Zoso, a 114-unit Clarendon development scheduled to open in 2007; it’s named after the unofficial moniker of Led Zeppelin’s epic fourth album. “It was originally named the Fillmore,” says Ed Peete Co. project executive Mark Mascia, after the site’s North Fillmore Street address. “But everyone was naming their condos after streets….Our building is a lot more nontraditional, and I wanted something more fun.” But don’t look for Zep-themed amenities—there’s no stairway to heaven, and residents won’t be going in through the out door. Mascia says “nontraditional” means a pair of 35-foot circular window cutouts, which reference the two O’s in “Zoso.” The name, which was narrowed down from a list of 300, was met with approval by the Zoso’s sales team. “They thought it was fun and young,” Mascia says, “but it’s also sort of an obscure reference.” Matt Jernigan, frontman for namesake tribute band Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience, says, “Times have changed, that’s for sure.” But “anything that’s paying homage to Zeppelin is always totally cool.”

—Constantine Caloudas