The cover story about Phillips (“Crab Imperialist,” 7/15) failed to paint an accurate portrayal of the company and how its contributions meet the great consumer demand for crab in the Washington area.

The National Fisheries Institute is the leading trade association for the seafood industry, and we are proud to have Phillips as a member. The family-run style of business it has cultivated from its inception is in the spirit of the seafood community at large. The culture of the “Phillips family” is what retains the company’s employees and enables them to work their way up through the company and into management positions.

It’s also a great testament to the company that it gives back to the people who work hard to provide crab and other seafood to the Washington area. Moreover, it has a strong commitment to community—here and abroad. Last year, when the tsunami hit our international seafood family, Phillips launched Operation Build-a-Boat. This program, which has already raised more than $160,000 and built new boats for fishermen in Asia, provides those fishermen a means to feed their families and generate income.

Americans are fortunate that we can sample the best fruit, vegetables, wine, cheese—and seafood—from around the world without leaving our back yard. Washingtonians have been hungry for Phillips’ crab for years, and the company provides consumers with a delicious and healthy variety of products to enjoy.


National Fisheries Institute