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Poor widdle Dave McKenna! He was forced to stand still for five seconds while “God Bless America” was played at a Military Appreciation Day at RFK stadium (Cheap Seats, “The Washington Nationalists,” 7/22), and thought it “fascist.” Imagine, having to actually show a modicum of respect for people who died so McKenna could engage his freedom of expression!

What McKenna seems to forget is that those same military folks died fighting fascism. Further, he shows how out of touch (and alienated) he is from many (most) Americans by stating that he finds their views “frightening”! He even quotes a professor from Columbia University who (surprise!) also is scared.

Well, well, well, isn’t that sweet? Perhaps McKenna would remember that real fascists like the National Socialist Party of Germany’s (you know, the Nazi Party) Adolf Hitler also disliked American nationalism because it had (has) the real strength of American ideals such as truth, justice, and liberty for all.

I am surprised McKenna even went to a Nationals game. After all, many people of McKenna’s like-mindedness said they didn’t want a stadium or a baseball team and would not go to the games. Well, so far over a million people have attended the games, and we are only halfway through the season. Ever so sorry for the success of red-white-and-blue Americans (and proud of it!), but hey, maybe you could work real hard to win the election in ’08 (actually, I’ll be voting for Hillary—sorry to disappoint you) and then you could send us all off to the re-education camps, just like your heroes Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the Khmer Rouge.

Man, with losers like McKenna, it’s no wonder we keep losing elections.

Vienna, Va.