1317 F St. NE

List price: $575,000

Previous sale price: $91,400 (August 1999)

Square footage: 1,380

Looking for for a great spot to raise your children? Then don’t pass up this Stanton Park Victorian—it offers plenty of touches sure to get your kids’ imagination working overtime. On your way up the first-floor staircase, you’ll find a small hole in the exposed brick wall where your little ones can hide secret messages. Turn around for an added adventure: With no railing, the stairs offer a harrowing trek with every climb! Aspiring David Copperfields will be enthralled by the inch-wide gap between the house and foundation in the back, which makes it seem as if the house is floating on air. And there’s no more authentic setting for hearty games of jailbreak than the back yard, whose rusty chain-link fencing and weed-pocked concrete imitate a real prison yard. —Brian Beutler

Art accompanying story in the printed newspaper is not available in this archive: Photograph by Darrow Montgomery.