A polio epidemic swept through Jamaica in the ’50s, likely triggered by a shipment of tainted used clothing sent from England. Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin, Albert “Apple” Craig, and Cecil “Skelly” Spence contracted the disease, which left the youngsters with partial paralysis in their legs. The three met in a Kingston rehabilitation center and soon discovered their talents for harmony singing. After converting to Rastafarianism—and struggling with homelessness and neglect for many years—the sufferers now known as Israel Vibration finally got a break in 1977 and recorded The Same Song, one of the finest roots-reggae albums ever waxed. Nearly 30 years later, and down to the duo of Wiss and Skelly, Israel Vibration continues to cut timeless roots records, including the pair’s most recent, 2003’s strong Fighting Soldiers. See Wiss and Skelly raise their voices and crutches to Jah at 8:30 p.m. at the State Theatre, 220 N. Washington St., Falls Church. $20. (703) 237-0300. (Christopher Porter)