I’m the Parley Parker quoted in “The Church of Latter-day Singles” (7/29), and I was only partially quoted. I would like my whole quote to be known. I had said I was sort of mad, but that I was having a lot of adjustment problems at that time, dealing with things not related to church in any way.

The other thing I said is that I had prayed about the change, and I got an answer to give it some time. The way things are set up now for the LDS singles over 31 in the D.C. area works better in my opinion than the singles ward, and I am now meeting more girls and going on more dates than when I was in the singles ward, and can see myself getting married in a year or two. I also said that the local leaders were inspired, because the change did make things better for singles over 31. It didn’t sound as if it would at first to me, but it has made it better, and I think that should be known.

Oakton, Va.