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Now that the price of a ticket to see Devo rivals that of an Eagles-reunion pass, we must weigh the mechanical men’s “seminal” status. First-album-era Devo? Groundbreaking and great. The disc pioneered geek chic. Subsequent albums are still good, at least for the boring New Wave band Devo quickly became. And that one weird Muzak/easy-listening album managed to be moderately interesting. Fast-forward 20 years: Mark Mothersbaugh’s credits on a gazillion movies and TV productions. Like other bands that made a big postpunk mark the first time around, Devo is reuniting. And for better or worse, I say bring it on, because more people need to see why there are a gazillion brainless hipster action-figure bands ripping off early Devo. After all, isn’t the herd mentality what Devo was against in the first place? Devo plays at 11 p.m. (see City List for other dates) at the 9:30 Club, 815 V St. NW. $55. (202) 397-7328. (Andrew Earles)