I am an 28-year-old active member of the Santa Monica 3rd Ward (singles’ ward) in Los Angeles. The LDS singles world in L.A. is big, active, and full of the same issues discussed in “The Church of Latter-day Singles” (7/29). The article was dead-on-accurate in my opinion—and very well-written. I wouldn’t have expressed myself quite as colorfully as Janna Taylor, but I’ve had similar thoughts and appreciate her honesty. Many people will view her as hopelessly bitter and make thoughtless comments like “No wonder she’s not married.” But, being in a similar situation, I can understand her feelings and realize that even if you have bitter thoughts, it doesn’t make you a bitter individual. I have no doubt that I’ll meet the right guy when the timing is right—could be tomorrow, could be 50 years from now. I’m happy with my single life and excited about all the opportunities I have that I couldn’t take part in if I had a family of my own right now. But there is a definite sense of frustration when it comes to living the gospel, being 28, and being single; there is pressure to be proactive and date—yet the girl is supposed to let the guy do the pursuing. Worse yet, there is pity to deal with from close friends and family for not being married yet. It’s not until I get some kind of comment meant to make me feel better about myself that I actually start to wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?”

I will be moving to D.C. in the fall and most likely will attend a family ward due to all-around burnout of mixing the social and the spiritual for the past 10 years. I look forward to a church experience being just that: church. Worship-based. Not social first, spiritual second. I hope attending an occasional midweek or weekend activity will fill the gap left by not focusing so much on socializing on Sundays.

Thanks for publishing this article.

Los Angeles