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Officer fleeing from pit bull drops handheld in sewer

TIme: 2:30pm

Location: 500 block of E Street SE

Officers: Claudette Johnson and Renee Body

Incident Report: While patrolling the 500 Block of E St SE, Officer Claudette Johnson and Officer Renee Body was approach from behind by a citizen with a pit bull dog. The citizen said, “He was tired of you all writing tickets around here” and let his dog loose. Both officers ran…back to the vehicle, which was parked at the corner of the 400 Block of 8th St. SE. While running Officer Johnson dropped her handheld down the sewer. They then called me, [supervisor Preston Moore] called dispatch so that MPD could be called. When [Moore] got to the scene [Moore] was able to make some calls and get the handheld back. OfC. Megher Badge #1932 responded to the scene and walked around the area with the officers to see if they saw the man and his dog. They did not find the man, but a report was made.