List price: $569,000

Previous sale price: $120,000 (March 2005)

Square footage: 1,440

Attention fitness buffs: This three-bedroom semidetached colonial provides a great home—and a great workout, too. Start with an agility test by contorting your way around the decorative, nonfunctioning freestanding fireplace in the foyer. Then run downstairs and weave around the basement support columns, flexing your back to avoid the low ceilings. For an extra challenge, try not to step on any spiders. Move through the basement door to the back yard, making sure to leap over the cinder block placed right in the doorway. Complete the obstacle course by running into the front yard and somersaulting over the power line that swoops gracefully from above the trees, sagging less than 3 feet above the lawn. —Brian Beutler