The Rev. Willie Wilson (“Pulpit Fiction,” 8/12) is certainly a man with two faces. Although I don’t think he is a homophile, he is certainly not a homophobe. His approach toward homosexuality and his active and public campaign before the Million More March was called Healing Reparations. The purpose of this program was to create healing in the black family. He did hold rallies at his church to support black gays and lesbians and their families. I know this to be true because at the time I was a volunteer with PFLAG and participated in two meetings with the Rev. Wilson. I was also at his church during a support rally when violence erupted between homophobes who attacked him in his pulpit. I am also aware of two town-hall meetings that occurred at his church on issues of support for black gays and lesbians.

Trust me, it’s impossible to defend the Rev. Wilson’s crude and vicious attack on black women and his use of lesbianism as a threat. What I am saying is that he is a much more complex figure than the gay white press would have you believe.