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3573 Warder St. NW

List price: $962,000

Previous sale price: $124,000 (August 2000)

Square footage: 2,362

Do you have a compulsion for cooking on a massive scale? Then bang your pans in celebration—each of the three floors of this six-bedroom Park View colonial has its own kitchen, ranging in elegance from gourmet (countertops appointed in faux granite) to college-dorm (a refrigerator and stove standing in what may once have been a family room). The aroma of haute cuisine will nicely mask the other scents this house has to offer: cigarette smoke upstairs, lawn mulch on the main floor, and fresh paint in the basement. Bon appétit! Save money on groceries, too: The spacious back yard is perfect for a vegetable garden, though you may want to remove the rusty bathtub first. And, if you keep the current décor, you’ll have plenty of places to rest after a long day in the kitchens: Beds are scattered throughout the house—in the living room, the den, the sunroom—to give it a retro, tenement feel. —Brian Beutler