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Franklin Schneider’s “The Drone Ranger” (8/26) reminded me why my generation gets such a bad rap. I don’t know Mr. Schneider, but my guess is he’s white, grew up in relative privilege, is slightly overeducated, and revels in his cynicism and irony. The guy seems to be angry that he keeps getting fired from jobs because…well, he can’t follow directions. And he seems filled with despair because of the “absurdity, the crushing conformity, the psychological warfare, the hypocrisy and foot-stomping demands and petty ego battles” that he has experienced in the workplace. Oh, the horror!

I’d love to see Schneider sit down for a cup of coffee with a single mother in D.C., who’s struggling to move up the economic ladder while raising a family. There are plenty of them around. I wonder if the “dehumanizing” team-building exercises that Schneider rants about would bother her, or whether she might be concerned with more substantive issues.

Moreover, I wonder if guys like Schneider, who seems so lost in his search for creative fulfillment, would find fulfillment in actually helping others. Perhaps if he ditched the United States Parachutists Association and tried being a teacher, social worker, or affordable-housing developer, he would actually get a taste of the real world.

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